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I wrote to a girl on A Foreign Affair through their online dating service with letters and calls. She was delivered to my doorstep from Russia.

Very young and beautiful and quiet and I asked her to marry me, I take the best care of women and take them to the nicest places. Just before the date she told me she arrived on a fake foreign marriage visa. I foolishly felt she was some kind of victim and made sure she knew I was for real. Only after marrying her did I find out she was not.

I married her after knowing her for a few weeks and then after two weeks she said I had to give her everything I own. Her friends who delivered her are Russian Organized Crime, they had 'jacked' someone's phone driving here and then got me in trouble calling her at my number. She said they kept asking her for more money and she showed me obscene photos they took of her raising her dress, the same clothing she for her picture on A Foreign Affair. I told her I wasn't going to fall for a scam and wouldn't give her anything, she was a criminal working for criminals and only 20 years old she needed to go home to her family, I would help.

She said she would never go back and she would stay as an illegal alien and I felt she'd last about two weeks with those criminals so I let her stay in my house, seeing her as a victim of human trafficking - what was I to do? I'm a good traditional person just looking for a good wife when none was available here in New Jersey. What a mistake. She's the best looking psycho criminal fraud I've ever heard of and makes children sick to get even and hurt people.

She steals whenever and as much as she can and causes me the most terrible harm at every chance, this woman is a Russian terrorist and she yells and screams in Russian on the phone every night. I live in New Jersey and they go along with any woman! I couldn't believe it - that's how the crimninal justice system works in New Jersey to make money - even worse than Russian Organized Crime - they're partners in it and the lawyers say there's nothing they can do.

The State of New Jersey with Russian criminals is the worst possible situation in the world - New Jersey is the most corrupt state not just Christie - and New Jersey homes most trafficked woman in the US many of whom are criminals themselves coming from Russia to New York, Brighton Beach like this one with crooked friends/criminals there, and then drive them to New Jersey to take advantage of lonely good men - worst situation in the world having a dangerous vicious criminal in the house and exposing my family to them. I'm going after the State now and hope to wipe clean the trafficking corruption which has led to federal actions since the State of New Jersey judiciary and criminal justice system is the worst and most crooked in the entire United States, the most insolvent state even with the highest taxes and insurance rates in the US so they vampirically leach money from the trafficking victims, and I mean me and family, and the children who are harmed so badly by them all - worst in the world for good traditional people like myself, literal ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: A Foreign Affair Online Dating.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Help with federal legal battle to stop human trafficking in New Jersey, funds are needed to save people including children from these terrible crimes..

I liked: Looked good but turned out criminal.

I didn't like: Organized crime destroyed me and my family.

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Speaking from my personal experienceby someone with an agenda or someone simply scammed. 1) AFA does not bring women to the US.

AFA arranges trips to meet women in foreign countries. 2) Fiance visas are only granted after proving you have met the prospective bride IN PERSON AND going through extensive interview process with INS; women cannot be legally be "delivered".The extra monies generated through messaging services AFA provides may or may not be legit. AFA provides letters from various women who are on their site. Responding to these unsolicited letters may or may not lead to something more.

AFA is very good at kicking identified scammers off of their site, but they cannot take action unless scammers are identified by members. Also, just because you write to one of these ladies, it doesn't mean she is so desperate that she will settle for any shlub that writes... if you are over 40, overweight and a slob do you really have a shot at a legitimate relationship with an 18yr old "10"? The lady you write to may just not be interested and not write back....

this does not mean AFA is "scamming" you.Speaking from personal experience: I went on a tour to the Ukraine several years back. I had a great time but was realistic about odds of finding "the one". I did meet a really hot neurologist 10 years my junior (she was 31), but she had no desire to leave Ukraine. She did however want me to move there.

Not an option at that point in my life, but an interesting proposition.Bottom line, as long as there are men with unrealistic expectations, there will be women to take advantage. You cant paint AFA services with the "SCAM" brush and not take personal responsibility and manage your own expectations.

to Anonymous #1498972

ignored the ROC

to anon #1510486

AFA was involved or used by ROC and then NJ corruption took the opportunity to create a living nightmare while feds looked the other way on State trafficking as usual only acting on illegals at the border and not the thousands of times as many trafficked by the States {{redacted}}

to Anonymous #1518677

Yeah Anonymous but you work for this site and take money from all these men for every email and photo when you know none of it is legit.


This is being contested as a picture and story not verified and potential identity theft. Pissed Consumer has been contacted to check.

to Anonymous #1497125

Always, be Leary of anyone regardless of her looks and brains! You would have been better off if you had gone back to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, schwitzerland.

Never get stuck on their beauty.

Stick to the countries that you know speak English. Never go to soldiers clubs, instead frequent clubs where women have great conversation!


You are a moron sounds like you hate New Jersey worse than your bride. How could you be such a sucker

to Anonymous #1518679

I love all the comments by people working for A Foreign Affair.


call ICE

to mark #1463144

ICE was called and Homeland many times before that. In New Jersey they not only don't answer even the post here dissappears and the next day men in black and ski masks with machine guns are on the streets mis-directing traffic, but if you ask them for directions they're actually quite nice and wave.


Wow! I met my wife through A Foreign Affair.

Did not know she could be delivered...Interesting! Dumb me I actually traveled to the Philippines and went through eight months of US Immigration Processing to get her here on a K-1 Visa.

We even had to prove we complied with the IMBRA law and that we met in her country. You cannot get a US VISA without doing so....I guess there is a "Black Secret Squirrel" department at A Foreign Affair manned by the CIA and retired KGB that I never was aware of...GET REAL

to Robert #1407649

They use fake fiancee visas as said above which is not hard for ROC. They get real social security cards in LA which they're not supposed to give out either and that's corruption.

Want to guess how criminals get all that be my guest. Then they say they are visiting here and want to stop by, sounds like you'd drop to the floor like everyone else. Then they say they have to go back unless you marry them. And then the day before the wedding they tell you about how they got in with a fiancee visa to someone else who abused them, which they'll say about you because they're criminals.

You found a good one?

Glad to hear but it's a shame some get their lives ruined and terrorized and families destroyed and you scoff. Maybe that's part of how they get away with it aside from corruption and cruel people. Maybe they'll come by and steal your children after making them sick.

Brighton Beach is in NYC near the most corrupt and cruel state in the US, New Jersey. Sounds like you're from the boondocks and they'd eat you alive here.

to Robert #1546409

Still together? Has she turned on you yet?


You should write stories for some of those papers I see at supermarket checkout lanes, such is your level of nonsense.

to h.kitchener #1463146

And you're either a self-deluded brown shirt or working with them. So which is it?


You're complaining about someone you married after meeting her for 2 weeks??? Seriously?

How desperate are you? Lol!

to Carissa #1393360

Living in New Jersey for a few years after being suckered in from Manhattan, I'm sure as desperate as it gets. A prime candidate for corruption by traffickers using a pretty girl and the worst crooked systems in the world.

Only people who worked late every night in the City and had no one around helping (New Jersey) would fall for a fake marriage service with pretty girls claiming to be traditional and looking for good men. Remember there are none in New Jersey, worst rated in the US for finding women, dating and even having the worst ratings of any state even before Chris Christie.


This report is absolutely true. Russian Organized Crime working within (or through) A Foreign Affair delivered the girl during paid correspondence with loveme.com.

This is not in question and is sworn true. All letters and membership of woman and targetted subscriber are available.

The only continued fraud is from the reply attempting to coverup the fraud. The US government estimates over 50,000 women are trafficked to the US every year largely from Russia and Ukraine and many of those have contacts in Brighton Beach which was the case here.

What better means for organized crime to utilize such a service. If you marry, you are in serious trouble legally especially in states such as New jersey known for severe corruption and double so if targetted by organized crime.


This report is absollutely true. Russian Organized Crime working within A Foreign Affair delivered the girl during paid correspondence with loveme.com. This is not in question and is sworn true.

The only continued fraud is from the reply.


Clearly a fake report to generate sympathy, A Foreign Affair. does not deliver people to you, they are an introduction agency only.

they are within the laws of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. This review was clearly written by someone with a political opinion to sway

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