My finance profile was stolen

By a man and posted on love me ID 38744 Nelly I tried calling Arizona headquarters

Scam center no help just a lot

Of BS . In her profile they wrote she has did everything

Thing in life except the president of Ukraine by age

28 .

Look at other profiles

Same lies. You have a better

Chance of being hit by lightning than find a bride

Matter of fact same person

Posted Id38744 Nelly on find

Bride site another bogus

Site they have a translator

In sitting in the loop who can

Speak perfect English. When

The girl can barely put a sentence together on video

Chat ?

Women have to pay

To register on these sites

They get paid 22 cents for a video chat 11 cents a chat

Half price for gift agency takes half PPL is a waste of

Money these women do not

Write the letters typing slaves

Do it ! Men wake up also women have regular jobs and

Robots and men run the profiles could you be on 24/7

They mostly work from 6pm

To 11 pm Prime time to empty men's wallets from

The USA Beware dating scams have going on since

The begining of time !!

Location: New York, New York

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