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I went on Charming Date in the Summer of 2014.

After my last wife died 14 years ago, I decided that I didn't want to be alone anymore.

I studied the culture of different countries and in 1964 I spent a lovely year with a Thai Lady, so I decided to contact a China girl.

I told her up front that I was looking for a wife and that I didn't want to wait much longer.

The provision of the site was that we write 10 letters apiece to one another and then you could buy her personal contact information for a fee.

After many 5000 word letters that I wrote her, we fell in love.

As it turned out she didn't have a phone , a personal computer or even Internet. But she kept on writing letters to me through the site along with pictures and I Faithfully kept on answering. Well one day she sent me a selfie of her whereas before there had only been pictures taken by a photographer and I froze in my tracks when I saw it, immediately I realized that I had been taken. The girl in the selfie was tiny and skinny. All the other pictures she had sent me were of a girl weighing 117 pounds and a striking beauty. I thought, didn't she understand that if we ever met that immediately I would know she had lived a lie.

I visited that site every now and then just to read a letter or two from her, but they all seemed like trivial muttering.

But you know, I fell in love with the person in the pictures, so since she had told me that she was going to be in the States to visit her sister during the upcoming Christmas holidays, I decided to ask her to meet me.

Have you ever had a relationship with anyone that the pieces just didn't fit ?

I told her that when she got here that I fly to meet her. All the time she kept writing these " Jicky " letters to me.

I never said anything to her about the selfie and my suspicions until when I made a phone call to her through the site and when I heard her voice I realized that I was talking to an elderly Asian women.

Yup,, I had been scammed. And it was all in the name of the fee she received every time I wrote or received. Not to mention all the extra pictures I had to pay $7 apiece for over and above the $7 for each letter.

But being a man looking for a mate took me on further with about 15 more with the same scenario.

This could be a short novel about all my individual experiences with these whatever they really were people, they might have been my next door neighbor from what I've understand now, or worse yet, not even a female.

So American boys, put your Visa card in your pocket and leave there 'cause when you finally peel that peach that you think you have, you may feel like you have opened up a can of worms.

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Looks like a review of Charming date, not A Foreign Affair???


Yep Had the same experience.Did meet her in my own country at her own cost instead but of high cheek bones she had bulldog jowls and was not in her 30s but in her 50s , completely different from the pictures.

Her name was false, could speak English but not read and write it and she was still married to a local man, husband no 4, she was in the process of divorcing before gettting out of the country. It appeared that she was on drugs as well and lived from boyfriend to boyfriend. She was in fact a "Travel girl" Was glad to get rid of her.

The Agency through which I met her refused to have anything to do with her and in addition to that, said they were not associated with her introduction service in any way at all.Everybody going through the penfriend introduction route take great care

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