A Foreign Affair is a scam site

I would like to warn anyone who cares to listen about this profile http://loveme.com/women/info124763.htm In early August of 2012 I purchased a virtual email address from A Foreign Affair to send an introduction letter to the lady featured in this profile. I was pleasantly surprised when approximately two hours after sending my introduction letter I received an email announcement there was a letter in my profile inbox on AFA and basically I needed to login and pay $9.99 to open and read this letter. I was a bit disturbed by this because my main reason for purchasing the lady's virtual email address was to send and receive letters from her via our private email account and not having to pay the $10 cost of receiving and sending each letter in addition to the $3.50 per attached photo. However, I decided not to make an issue about this because I was really attracted to this lady's profile; I had selected her after scrolling for several hours through approximately 1500 online profiles until my eyeballs hurt, therefore when I received a letter from her expressing an interest, all my concerns about having to pay in order to open her letter disappeared.

In this first letter she asked about four questions one of which was "Why was I looking for a foreign wife L?" I could have asked why was she looking for a foreign husband? But I was polite, I wrote back immediately and told her that I will take a few days to prepare thoughtful answers to all her questions. I had received her letter on a Saturday and by Monday evening I had written and sent her a 2-½-page letter with at least four photos. The cost was $40+.

Initially, there was a reasonable lapse of time between sending and receiving responses that appeared to take into account the time for translation and forwarding of the letters but over the next two weeks after the first three exchanges of letters the delivery pace increased very rapidly. It seemed like I was receiving a reply within three hours after sending a letter and the responses were very generic, weak and always included two photos of the lady. There were no description or comments accompanying the photos. I guess I was supposed to be charmed by her beauty and no words were necessary. For example, I would send descriptive letters about my work, pastime and daily activities to reassure the lady that I was genuinely interested in revealing myself to her and not just a guy playing games on the Internet. The responses I received would consist of a few sentences asking more questions. There was hardly any substantial information coming from the lady. After 37 days of correspondence and $230, the only thing I learned about this lady is that she has wonderful parents; she never mentioned their names. A sister with a husband and baby living in Kiev, and that she was a cosmetology nurse who thinks beauty will save the world. I have never heard of a cosmetology nurse; perhaps they do exist and I will Google the subject.

After about twenty days of this nonsense of me answering her questions, revealing my personal life and not getting any meaningful communication I began to doubt the validity of this profile. Finally when she sent me a letter inquiring about my fears (as if she were a psychologist) My response was that I feared being the victim of an internet dating scam operation because although I had purchased her virtual email address I had continued to receive letters via the Loveme.com site rather than my personal email and was paying $10 each time I send and received mail. The motive of scamming to generate profit was clearly evident by the rapid responses, meaningless photo attachments and the lack of information sharing with regards to the lady. The letters tended to sound as if a male wrote them, which was a bit troubling but I thought it was reasonable to attribute this to the gender of the translator.

I expressed my concerns about scamming to the lady in a polite and non-judgmental way. I explained how photos can be misappropriated by anyone and used to create profiles without the real owner of the photos being aware of their illicit use. I expressed my interest in getting to know her but due to the high cost of our correspondence and my plans to visit her within 90 days, that it was important to resolve my doubts about the validity of the profile with which I was communicating (I was literally communicating with only a photo. There was no first name, address, phone or email. There was absolutely no transparency. It was like being blind) the purpose of the validation was to quickly establish a relationship built on trust and confidence before we are months into the relationship.

The lady responded with outrage to what I considered to be a reasonable and common sense request in light of all the scamming that is occurring on international dating sites. The response was "Are you kidding?" which sounded too American for me and made me suspect the letter writer could be at AFA offices in Arizona. She told me how hurt, offended and disappointed she felt. I felt somewhat guilty for hurting her feelings but I thought it was important to resolve this issue because my feelings of distrust were too strong by now and the relationship was unlikely to develop and prosper with such feelings of insecurity.

She had sent me a series of photos that were taken so many years apart that it was difficult to recognized her in the series because each photo appeared to be a different woman, although with careful examination, facial features such as the eyebrows and lips appeared to be the same. I suggested she simply send me a week old photo wearing a set of large earrings that were featured in several of the photos and this would be sufficient proof that she is capable of reproducing herself "graphically speaking" and not just someone with a collection of model photos with no knowledge or access to the original owner. To avoid appearing unilaterally demanding or overbearing, I also offered to provide whatever proofs she may require to settle any doubts she might have about me. Her response was that she couldn't produce the earrings because they were loaned to her years ago when she worked as a model. I tried to figure out a simple and easy way, short of flying to Ukraine myself to verify whether this lady I am corresponding with was not just a stack of photos. After about a day it occurred to me to contact some one in her city and ask her if she would be willing to meet this person at a time and place of her choosing just so they could see her and simply report back "Hey guy, I saw the lady and she looks like the lady in the photos you sent us." I thought this was very simple; after all, if she ever wanted her friends in the States to check me out, I would be falling all over myself in my eagerness to meet them.

I contacted a married couple that was willing to meet with the lady at any local café or public gathering place. I sent the lady a letter explaining the arrangement and got no response. Perhaps the lady truly resented my efforts to validate her identity and did not wish to participate in this effort. Her reasons are open to speculation but I saw this as a small effort to work through a problem in an unconventional dating scenario. I personally would have no qualms in doing it if the roles were reversed. Perhaps readers of this article may offer different perspectives as to why this would not be an appropriate undertaking. My personal feelings are the person in this profile and the letter writer are not the same people. The letter writer is in the background using the profile to manipulate others but is unable to appear as a person or update the profile photos with anything new. My last contact with this profile was today when I received a letter in which she/him claimed to have smiled at my *** efforts to check. I was not *** enough to send a $10 response so I just deleted all photos and letters that are related to this brief correspondence and get ready to move on. I should feel fine in a couple of weeks.

The husband of the couple I contacted to meet with the lady is a very proficient computer technologist, therefore he was able to conduct a photo search with the lady's profile photos and found an account with 49 of her photos on a Russian social network site http://vk.com/id19955094

It is possible the owner of this account and photos has no role in creating the profile http://loveme.com/women/info124763.htm because her photos are of good quality and are easy to download, it is conceivable that a criminal could have used her photos to create fake profiles with the intention of running a scam.

I must admit that I had been scammed out of $230 in the past 37 days by corresponding with a possibly fake profile. But who was it that scammed me?? Who benefited monetarily from my financial loss? Lets follow my money or (what used to be my money) to find out. According to my Bank of America Statement, my money went

Here to what I believe is the payment processing center of A Foreign Affair offices in Arizona.

08/31/2012 Show additional information for activity type cards -9.99 CHECKCARD #### WORLDWIDE DATA LINK 602-553-8178 AZ... activity type cards status type icon cleared Cleared. Select to mark activity type cards -9.99 CHECKCARD #### WORLDWIDE DATA LINK 602-553-8178 AZ... as reconciled -9.99 1,038.09

John Adams, the public face of AFA can smile and cajole as much as he pleases when promoting his seedy looking romance tour videos, but as far as I am concerned, due to my recent experience and a few others that I had overlooked in the past, he is nothing but a pus-filled-maggot who runs a criminal enterprise that steals from his countrymen. It is quite possible for him to operate a profitable, transparent operation with loyal customers if he would just make a sincere effort. Instead, his business operations acts as an umbrella for an army of scammers both here and abroad that preys on men who are earnestly seeking to satisfy that most natural of human desire of finding love and companionship.

I think the best way to reduce the revenues of scammers and unethical dating sites is not use them at all and travel to the country of your choice on your own. If you are courageous enough to consider being with a woman from a culture that is significantly different from your own, then you should certainly be able to make your own travel arrangements. $1100-1500 should get you a roundtrip ticket to most countries in Eastern Europe, an additional $1500 should be sufficient for lodging and a local interpreter/ tour guide for a week. You can do all this via the Internet and by-pass the riff-off businesses, romance tours etc and have a wonderful vacation to boot. If you don't have this kind of money then you have no business seeking a foreign wife.

I would like to sign this article but I will have to choose the anonymous path due to the unsavory comments directed at one John Adams. My life has been relatively stable and prosperous recently and I wish to keep it that way.


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1 day ago #1165301

you guys don't see the irony? if you have to be rich to "find love" in these scam pits, then there is no love to be found in the first place.

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1 day ago #1165296

sir, you are the epitome of naivety. In all this time of correspondence with "lovely" lady John Adams, you never thought to do some research into the site? for $35 you could have joined an online chat/date site for a month and learned all the scam angles you needed to know.

0 0 Reply

Mar 15 #1127953

I have been through the same experience in the last few days loss 200$ thought I was buying real email address only to find out you don't get that and you need to pay for every letter and pic even if its not directly from the lady some seem genuine but the scammers are ruining it they should clean the business up and maybe they would make more $ as legit business its a shame the owner is short cited and greedy

0 0 Reply

Mar 12 #1126362 Hillsboro, Georgia

you are lucky to have only lost a couple of hundred..have you seen that documentary Love Me?

2 0 Reply

Mar 09 #1124682

Thank you thank you thank you, I was jut about to join and send money to loveme.com but something did not feel right all the women were beautiful and their comments were nearly all the same. This made me to go to Goggle and check.....good old Goggle.

0 0 Reply

Mar 02 #1120989

The same thing happened to me in 2011 with the same company. I finally got fed up with the *** artists and arranged my own trip to the Philippines. I spent 5 weeks with my girl the first time and decided to fly back to the Philippines a second time. I spent 4 weeks that time and we spent 8 months talking online. We have been happily married for the last 4 years. Your advice is sound. Just take the plunge and make your own arrangements. There are literally millions of decent foreign women looking for a good man and they aren't difficult to find once you arrive in their country.

0 0 Reply

Feb 04 #1106049 Queensland, Australia

hello guys I have been dealing with scammers for4 years now google ever think there name ,phone bank account I am a face t0 face man now al they want is money and watch out for that sexy phone voice your harts melts it is just all part of the scam the last one I got the photos she was married but the photos were not her but some other couple good luck guys no face no money meet me or *** off

0 0 Reply

Jan 18 #1096944 Perth, Western Australia

Rather than rewrite what you have explained accurately exactly the same thing happened to me. The site is a scam . But karma will get that greedy little *** and ill have a beer to celebrate.

1 0 Reply

Jan 18 #1096653

Dear scammee so have you since seen the YouTube documentary on dating where people have received a meet and greet tour but hey we all spend some type of $$ on all females in this life sometimes u just have to find another one I mean you are SEARCHING still ijs don't be a quitter .

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Dec 18, 2015 #1080704

Oh yes, I do have comments;
In 1997, thanks A Foreign Affair in that time, I got address of an Ukrainian lady. I went there and was living 12 years in couple with her due to country restrictions.
Then, for personal reasons we separated.
Being confident, I came back to this site to discover that, in between, it became the worst dating site just making profit at any price.
Go away!!!

1 0 Reply

Nov 22, 2015 #1067958

Ride on I found some of his profile girls that said they lived in Ukraine that are my Facebook friends and they live in Moscow and never been to the Ukraine I just *** around on their site now i cant unsubscribe anyway I'm married to a 4-star Russian generals daughter 15 years I think they are scammers he didn't get a penny from me he's going to unsubscribe me or else I'm going to drive down there is ona to his office and break his jaw with one punch

2 1 Reply

Nov 12, 2015 #1062618

Great article. Thank you. I have been scammed myself. Personally, my belief is that all of the scamming is done mostly in AZ (& agree they - men & women are writing a lot of the letters - what %, I have no idea). The only thing I believe is not a 'scam' (being nice) are the tours. But they are so ridiculously expensive & I am sure when you get there the amount of sifting through scammer women to find sincere ones would be really challenging.
I can say I have been scammed & wished I was more intelligent about it & once I realized I was being scammed, just dropped it & did not return. But I continued to communicate with a couple 'women' on the site before I dropped it. ***.
And you hit the nail on the head / well said: re: If you can't afford the $$ for the trip you described, you should not be seeking a foreign wife.
My biggest complaint - and what make things most obvious it's a total scam - is the fact that when you are corresponding with a 'woman' (who knows who you are corresponding with) - is pretty easy to identify. Just look what happens when you ask questions, especially detailed questions regarding meeting or timing on things, etc. You never, ever get a straight answer.....period. You never get any answer to be honest.
Also, the cycle of what happens is the same thing every time: The 1st letters from the 'woman' are very nice, professing love & how great you are, etc. But once you try to get information from them
... Show more

2 0 Reply

Nov 09, 2015 #1061090

So..afa...a scam uh...those foto's!look fake...anyway..yet I'd received a video of that guy.. John.. Who supposedly owns the foreign nation datn firm....the video looks legit...yet so much...set/props..going via that region of world...wouldn't travel therein anyways...be drinkn

2 0 Reply

Oct 08, 2015 #1045144

Hello whoever is writing on behalf of L####e,
I found her on FB and she has just left the Philippines for Korea and didn't write this message or send this photo - twice!
You are a scam!
I had suspected for a long time, now I know and I'll expose you.
It's nice to spend my remaining money to tell you this - good luck to the American company you work for. I'll spread far and wide my proof, now!

3 0 Reply

Jul 19, 2015 #1009372

I had the same problem only difference I bailed out on the first letter did not read it and canceled my platinum membership and called my credit card co. and protested the charge as a fraudulent charge.

2 0 Reply

May 15, 2015 #984957

The woman you mentioned; http://loveme.com/women/info124763.htm, is still on the site and still doing the same thing. I have discovered many, many of the women on other sites, which AFA also goes by different names with other sites.
Once AFA realized the potential gold mind in China, they opened up a new area, along with the same scams as the Chinese sites run. It would be fair to state that 98% if the women that post a Chinese profile, have altered photos. It does not take a trained eye to see how gross the photos are altered. I have brought this to the attention of AFA several times, and after being rather aggressive with them, they finally responded. Their response? That the women use 'make-up'. There is a huge difference between make-up and altered photos. I commented that this is deception and that I thought AFA was a legitimate site. They did not respond.
Some posters here have made a very reasonable comment. You must go see these women. A very small percentage of men actually travel to meet the woman they are writing to. But, I have experience that once you tell them you are coming to see them, they mysteriously disappear, or have to go away, or have a death in the family, etc., etc., etc..
Translation is a joke. Electronic translators are not the greatest, but I have received letters that I could have translated myself and done a better job. I have paid for their 'virtual' email address, and have received only one letter via the virtual email.
... Show more

3 0 Reply

Mar 30, 2015 #965828 Quito, Pichincha

I used a foreign affair many years ago when I was travelling to eastern Europe on vacation. I met the lady, she was very nice (and very beautiful), but we went our separate ways. At that time, as I recall, the website worked differently. You could not e-mail a woman directly. I had no complaints and I felt they were an upright organization.
The problem here is you contacted a rude, or at least not friendly woman. Instead of paying $240 and then everything you went thru why did you not just ask for her e-mail address or home address and write to her directly. If you have to go thru their translation service every time (you chose someone that doesn't speak English) I guess there's a cost involved and if you really paid $240 that does sound ridiculous. I think you were enamored by this rude woman and you should have dropped it after one contact. I'm not sure this is the organizations fault at all.

1 12 Reply

May 13, 2015 #983569 Macon, Georgia

I am a member and experienced the same as the person complaining above. You asked why he did not just get the ladies' email address ... he purchased a virtual email address and the lady should have responded with her real email address, but she did not do it and continued to correspond with him through the website at the cost of $9.99 a letter and also $3.50 a photo. We pay extra money for that virtual email address but the ladies ignore it and continue to communicate through the website. I can attest that the website is a scam. The person writing the letters is not the person in the pictures.

5 0 Reply

Nov 12, 2015 #1062623

I am sure you consider yourself a very intelligent person with all the answers, especially after the fact. But come on, not the organization's fault? Do you work there or something? Profit share in AFA? And if not, maybe you are just a tough guy clown. Puh-lease. Have a little compassion for your fellow man......yes, the web is seedy al over the place...but this man obviously spent $$ the proper way to meet a foreign woman at other times & knows what he is doing. Is it 100% his fault that he actually 'trusted' this BS web-site just a little bit? He never said anything about trusting them & I am using the term loosely.
All I can say is it sounds like you would be a candidate to be an online scammer & are in favor of a Wild West Internet where there are no rules & it's completely fine to anyone to get totally ripped off.
Your know it all comments make me sick - & trust me, I see your point & understand it. I know how the web is. Your comments make me sick bc you make it sound like it's just fine that people get their lives ruined by clicking something accidentally or get ripped off like in this case.
Have some decency.

1 0 Reply

Mar 03, 2015 #953276

Not wanting to judge you but I wouldn't have paid 9.99 to send a letter in the first place. The fact that you spent 230.00 and wasted all your time when you had to know it was a scam says something about your intelligence. You are a sucker.

6 14 Reply

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